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Russia implementing ”Transnistrian scenario” in Donbas – Ukraine`s presidential staff

Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine Kostyantyn Yeliseiev believes Russia is now implementing the so-called ”Transnistrian scenario” in the occupied Donbas, at the same time not being interested in ending the hostilities, Segodnia reports.

”Moscow is actually implementing the so-called Transnistrian scenario. But unlike Transnistria, according to our forecasts, Russia is not interested in stopping military operations, shelling, provocation, and sabotage in Donbas,” Yeliseiev told Segodnia.

According to Yeliseiev, by escalating tension, Moscow is trying to destabilize political and economic situation in Ukraine, promoting the so-called ”controlled instability,” to prevent Ukraine from creating a positive background for active and successful implementation of reforms.

”Russia needs a constant hotbed of instability, which it is now implementing in Donbas. We will do everything we can to coordinate and mobilize the global pro-Ukrainian coalition, to put pressure on Moscow to show political will to implement Minsk Agreements. And, of course, we continue to promote the process of Crimea de-occupation,” Yeliseiev said.


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