Russia has launched 255 missile strikes at 112 energy facilities in Ukraine

Ukraine’s Prosecutor General Andriy Kostin reported that Russia has launched 255 missile strikes at 112 Ukrainian energy infrastructure objects since October 2022.

Source: Ukraine’s Prosecutor General Andriy Kostin

“Since October 10, 2022, the Russian army has been purposefully destroying critical infrastructure, in particular the energy infrastructure of Ukraine. 255 missile strikes were carried out at 112 targets. These are the strikes that reached their targets, that is, not those that were shot down by Ukrainian military. These are the ones that, as they say, “arrived,” informed Andriy Kostin.

According to the Prosecutor General, 77 percent of such missile strikes occurred in the period from October to February, namely, 197 cases were recorded.

“We consider these attacks as the creation of unsuitable conditions, which corresponds to one of the signs of genocide specified in the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide,” added Andriy Kostin.

On February 20 and 21, 2023, Russian troops shelled the energy infrastructure of the Kherson region, as a result of which there was no electricity supply in the suburbs of Kherson.

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