How Russia gave a huge number of weapons to the ISIS in Palmyra: 42 tanks, 7 IFV, artillery and 500 ton ammo. Photo, video

During a successful offensive on Palmyra, ISIS fighters “captured” Russian army base with a huge number of weapons:

  • 36 tanks
  • 7 Infantry fighting vehicles (IFV)
  • 8 army cargo truck
  • 6 122mm cannons artillery
  • 7 23 mm twin-barreled autocannons
  • Several BPM-97 “Vystrel” – new model of Russian mine-resistant, ambush protected vehicle
  • Several hundred AK rifle
  • unknown number of mortars
  • 500 tonn ammunition for all this weapon

Russian military just left their base, leaving everything without any battle.



That sounds unbelievable, but as UaPosition wrote earlier, the real Russia’s enemy in Syria is not the ISIS but anti-Assad rebels groups. Putin just used terrorist threat of ISIS to start bombing rebels position and civilians who can support rebels troops.

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Now Russia gave a huge arsenal to ISIS and left Palmira area. Undoubtful Putin plans to use ISIS army against rebels troops, pro-USA Kurdish army and possible against his nominally allies Turkey. Isis will use this weapons against Iraqi Armed Forces near Mosul.

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  1. lets face it the russians fled like a bunch of scared little green rabbits, they faced a brutal battle with isis with mass casualties and did not want to risk a defeat (would not look good on rt tv) so under cover of the genocide in Aleppo took off. So much for the vaunted russian military.

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