Russia destroyed and damaged medical facilities in Ukraine worth $2.5B

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine reported on March 24, 2023, that according to the World Bank, Russian troops destroyed and damaged medical facilities in Ukraine for the total amount of 2.5 billion dollars.

Source: The Ministry of Health of Ukraine

“Since the first day of the war, Russia has been striking the medical infrastructure almost every day. According to the World Bank, the Russian army has already destroyed over 2.5 billion dollars worth of medical facilities in Ukraine. At least 978 medical facilities have been destroyed or damaged by rockets and projectiles of Russian troops. Also, 650 ambulances have been damaged or destroyed and at least 596 pharmacies,” informed the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Russia caused the most damage to the medical infrastructure in four regions of Ukraine. Damages are estimated at $768 million in the Donetsk region, $618 million in the Kharkiv region, $259 million in the Chernihiv region, and at least $188 million in the Luhansk region.

According to the Ministry of Health, Ukraine will need at least 640 million dollars to restore access to medical care and reconstruct medical facilities in 2023.

In total, 16.4 billion dollars is needed for the reconstruction of the health care system following the consequences of the war.

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