Russia deports children to destroy the Ukrainian nation

Russia abducts Ukrainian children and deports them to its territory in order to destroy the Ukrainian nation.

Source: Representative of Ukrainian Mission to the UN Serhii Dvornyk

“Abduction of at least 230 thousand Ukrainian children, among 1.4 million Ukrainian citizens forcibly deported to Russia, is a crime aimed at destroying the Ukrainian nation by depriving it of young generations, which is a modern manifestation of colonialism.”

He noted that tens of thousands of civilians were killed and many were injured as a result of rocket and artillery shelling of Ukrainian cities. Almost 220,000 people lost their homes. Millions of citizens were forced to flee the occupied or war-affected territories. 8 million became internally displaced persons, and 6.5 million left Ukraine as refugees.

“And we do not doubt that in Russian war strategies this refugee crisis was envisaged as one of the welcoming outcomes. As well as a food crisis.”

However, he said, Russia underestimated the readiness to help Ukrainians, and the hospitality and commitment of the neighbors and other friends.

Russia attacks Ukrainian civilians deliberately as a part of its Nazi-style war strategy.

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