Russia conducts military exercises with simulated missile attacks against Estonia

Russia conducts military exercises with simulated missile attacks against Estonia.

Source: Ministry of Defense of Estonia

Estonia’s Defense Ministry warns of escalating tensions between Russia and a NATO member.

Provocative behaviour intensified on Estonia’s border with Russia on the eve of the NATO summit. The summit is scheduled for next week in Madrid.

The Estonian Foreign Ministry has already summoned the Russian ambassador to Tallinn, saying that on June 18 a helicopter of the Russian Border Guard Service flew into Estonian airspace for two minutes. This is the first such case since Putin’s troops began invading Ukraine.

Estonia didn’t explain how it knew of the simulations, although Russia has made NATO countries the subject of military exercises in the past.

Estonia and neighbouring Baltic states, Lithuania and Latvia have been among the most active supporters of stepping up the response to Putin’s war against Ukraine. They have repeatedly reported that Russian planes were in their airspace.

Earlier, the Russian Federation accused Lithuania and NATO of aggression and violation of sovereignty due to the blockade of Kaliningrad, and warned that Russia would be forced to resort to “self-defense.”

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