Russia blames Ukraine for shelling its territory

The Russian Defence Ministry claimed that in June-July this year they allegedly recorded nine attacks on the Russian territory by Ukraine, Russian Deputy Defence Minister Anatoliy Antonov told the Russia-24 television channel, ITAR-TASS reported on Thursday.
“There was an aimed fire on the border patrol. Our citizen Andrey Shulyatev was Killed. He was the father of three teenage daughters,” Antonov said, citing an example with the U.S.: “If the territory of the United States was fired from the adjacent territory and, God forbid, an American citizen was killed, then what would the U.S. do? The answer is clear. However, we show responsibility and restraint.”
According to Antonov, in this regard, “it’s perfectly clear, who provokes whom on the border.”
As is known, the Russian troops regularly shell Ukraine from Russia. On Wednesday, a Russian soldier Vadim Grigoriev posted on the social network VKontakte photos that prove Russia’s involvement in shelling Ukraine.

24.07.2014 12:57

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