How Russia backs crimes against civilians

Kremlin proxies in Ukraine and Syria illegally detain, torture civilians and use them as slave labor, according to Ukraine Today citing a report by the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry and Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

With world leaders repeatedly claiming that Russia should be investigated for the war crimes it commits in Syria, and Russian ambassador effectively uses his privilege to veto UN resolutions to stop the bloodshed, Ukraine`s Foreign Ministry and Ukraine Crisis Media Center have come up with a new infographic, which purports to show another aspect of Russia`s role in Syria and Ukraine wars, Ukraine Today reports.

”Russia absolves its proxies and regimes it supports from responsibility for their atrocities against civilians. This must amount to a war crime,” say the Ukrainian diplomats and public activists.

Over 10,000 civilians are held in militant-controlled prisons in the occupied areas of Donbas, reads the report.

Over 17,000 people died in custody, with 300 deaths reported monthly in Syria, the infographics says.

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