Russia accuses U.S. of supporting terrorism

Russia is outraged by the threatening tone of the latest United States statement on Syria, viewing it as tantamount to supporting terrorism, according to Ukraine Today.

Kremlin accused the U.S. of supporting terrorism after Washington presented an ultimatum. The U.S. threatens to stop cooperation with Russia in Syria if the Kremlin does not stop the shelling of Aleppo, a Syrian opposition stronghold, Ukraine Today reports.

In a telephone call to Russian foreign Minister Lavrov, State Secretary John Kerry repeated that dozens of civilians die because of these shellings. City infrastructure is also damaged: just days ago two hospitals were raised to the ground in Aleppo. The shellings have not subsided more than a week. During this time, at least 350 people were killed.

Human rights watchdogs accused Russia of shelling, instead of ISIS, civil quarters were Assad regime opponents live.

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