Red Cross does not know what Putin brings to Ukraine

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) does not have complete information about the content of a Russian convoy carrying humanitarian aid for Ukraine, and technical details of the transfer of cargo are also under development, ICRC spokesperson Andre Loersch has told Interfax-Ukraine.
He said that many technical issues were still under discussion and that there was no exact plan with technical details.
He said that the ICRC received two official reports from Russia on August 12, in particular, one on the sending of the convoy to the Ukrainian border and another on the content of the convoy.
Loersch said that the ICRC had received a general description of the cargo, but it needed more accurate information about what these trucks are carrying.
Among the technical issues requiring coordination, there is a question whether these trucks will cross the Ukrainian-Russian border and where this will happen, he said.
All these issues are resolved at the international level, Loersch said.
He also said that there was still no information about the location of the convoy and that it was unclear when it will arrive at Ukraine’s border, with the terms ranging from 17.00 on Wednesday to Thursday, August 14.
Loersch also said that the ICRC had been in close contact with both sides and that negotiations were being held in Moscow and Geneva, in particular, with the Russian branch of the ICRC, as well as with Russian Foreign Ministry diplomats.

13.08.2014 15:12

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