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Ukrainian Parliament wants to recognize genocide of Ukrainians by Poland in 1919-1951

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has registered a draft resolution ”On commemoration of victims of the genocide committed by the Polish government against Ukrainians in 1919-1951,” according to a post on the parliament`s website.

The document stated, ”The declaration of independence of Poland on November 11, 1918, led to great joy and justice for the Polish people, but at the same time, it caused great sorrow and disaster for hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians.” The document also noted that the history of Ukraine under Polish rule is ”a history of the genocide of the Ukrainian people, systematically and consistently committed by the Polish state.”

The draft resolution said, ”For several decades the Ukrainian people had been suffering and they died only because they were Ukrainians. Hundreds of thousands were deported and tens of thousands of Ukrainian civilians – citizens of the Polish state – killed. It was the bitter result of Wielkopolska`s (Greater Poland) ruling, which also held the Polish people as hostages.”

"Pacification" against Ukrainians started in 1930

“Pacification” against Ukrainians started in 1930

According to the draft resolution, during that period ”the Ukrainian people were fighting for freedom on their own land and the Poles were fighting for something that did not belong to them. The exact number of victims of those events has still not been determined.”

”The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine pays tribute to all victims of crimes committed by the Polish government against its citizens during 1919-1951. The government proclaims March 24 as Remembrance Day for Ukrainians who were victims of the genocide committed by the Polish state in 1919-1951,” the draft resolution stated.

These ”painful historical lessons” should not, however, impact current relations between the two states, according to the parliament. ”The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine expresses its sincere gratitude to Poland for its support of Ukraine in the fight against foreign aggression,” the draft read.

Earlier, on July 22, the Polish Sejm recognized the events in Volyn region in 1943-1945 as ”genocide” committed by Ukrainian nationalists against the people of II Rzeczpospolita.

The Polish government also declared July 11 a national day of remembrance for the victims of the ”genocide.”

The draft document was prepared by Ukrainian MP Oleh Musiy (non-affiliated deputy), who posted a scanned copy of the resolution on the website.

Oleh Musiy helps wounded people on Euromaidan as a medic

Oleh Musiy helps wounded people on Euromaidan as a medic

Oleh Musiy also commented:

“President Kuchma and President Yushchenko and by two Polish Presidents adopted the decision that we take out from policy the decision of the past and pass it to historians. And Ukraine has consistently followed these agreements, before the decision of the Polish Sejm as a political body of the present Poland. Instead, Poland – and the Polish Sejm and the Polish Senate – violated the agreement that existed between Ukraine and Poland, and now to sit up and keep your head in the bushes, I think it is absolutely inappropriate, “- said Musiy.



  1. Why are you showing picture of German Nazis during WW2? Is it because there are no documents of polish army pacifications? It is difficult to make a point about history if you make it up.

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  2. Не правильний переклад речення:
    ″Проголошення незалежності Польщі 11 листопада 1918 року стало великою радістю, торжеством справедливості для польського народу, але водночас ОБЕРНУЛОСЯ великим горем, катастрофою для сотень тисяч українців.″
    Плутанина понять; повинно бути:

    “The declaration of independence of Poland on November 11, 1918, became a great joy, a triumph of justice for the Polish people, but simultaneously it TURNED INTO (RESULTED IN) great grief and catastrophe for hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians.”

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    • Thanks for your notice. Quted text – is translated by author of resolution from his facebook.

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      • The author should be more careful in his formulation of sentences in Ukrainian, and then if the idea is clear, give to somebody who will translate the idea into English.

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