Pyatt: New batch of U.S. aid to arrive in Ukraine soon, no Javelins expected

U.S. Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt says that the United States has provided security assistance to Ukraine to the tune of $600 million, and announces the arrival of a new batch of the aid, according to the Russian-language service of Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty (RFE/RL).

”And I`m very proud of what has been achieved – and our military exercise in Yavoriv, and modern equipment, over a thousand night vision devices. The new supplies will be in the coming days,” RFE/RL quoted Pyatt as saying.

Answering a question whether Ukraine ever gets famous Javelin anti-tank missile systems, the ambassador said that Ukraine is able to provide itself with necessary weapons on its own.

”Ukraine has a powerful defense industry and has capabilities to produce own ammunition,” he said.

The ambassador expressed hope that the capacities of Ukraine`s defense industry would be strengthening due to cooperation between the industrial sectors of the U.S. and Ukraine in the coming months and years.

As was reported earlier, the U.S. provides Ukraine with counterbattery radars, which locate the whereabouts of enemy weapons.

In July this year, the U.S. also supplied Ukraine with a large number of unmanned aerial vehicles.

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