Putin’s ‘humanitarian aid’ won’t be let in Ukraine if not certified by Red Cross – NSDC

Any foreign humanitarian aid must be certified by the International Committee of the Red Cross, so far no “humanitarian convoy” has received such certification to enter Ukraine.
Ukrainian National Security and Defence Council (NSDC) Information and Analysis Center spokesman Andriy Lysenko thus commented on a video with trucks repainted white by Russian military and information on sending by Russia of a “humanitarian convoy” to Ukraine, which has already allegedly left Moscow region.
“This convoy is not certified by the International Committee of the Red Cross,” Lysenko said.
He added that under international law, the foreign military cannot accompany humanitarian supplies abroad.
Lysenko added that a period of one week has been already set, during which Red Cross experts have to determine the needs of the eastern region, and only after this assessment the humanitarian assistance will be provided. “Until a decision on the amount, destination and route of delivery of the humanitarian cargo is made, it will not appear in Ukraine,” the spokesman said.
He noted that several countries, including Russia agreed to send the humanitarian aid to Ukraine. “The route of the convoy is being determined, there are tentative areas that are being currently worked out, for there is the need for expeditious delivery of humanitarian goods,” Lysenko emphasized.

12.08.2014 14:48

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