Putin’s ‘humanitarian aid convoy’ leaves Voronezh

A convoy of 280 white KamAZ trucks loaded with a cargo of the so-called “humanitarian aid” for Ukraine has left for Belgorod, RIA Novosti has reported.
Last night a nearly three-kilometer convoy of trucks, after a long journey from Naro-Fominsk, a suburb of Moscow, entered Voronezh.
Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry expressed hope that Ukraine would ensure the safe delivery of “humanitarian aid.” Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the aid would not be reloaded onto other trucks.
Ukraine’s Presidential Administration said that Ukraine would not allow a “humanitarian aid convoy” onto its territory and that the goods from Russian KamAZs would be reloaded onto Red Cross trucks after checks.
The International Committee of the Red Cross is responsible for the logistics and distribution of humanitarian aid. Previously, the Red Cross said that it was unaware of what was in the Russian trucks.

13.08.2014 09:55

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