‘Putin’s convoy’ to enter Ukraine through Izvaryne in batches of 30 trucks

A humanitarian cargo from Russia will be let in Ukraine in batches of 30 trucks and only escorted by representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).
Deputy Head of the Ukrainian State Fiscal Service and Head of the Customs Service Anatoliy Makarenko reported this on Facebook.
“As agreed with the Red Cross mission, the cargo will arrive in the Izvaryne-Donetsk (Rostov region) international checkpoint in batches [of up to 30 vehicles] and will be transferred only to official representatives of the Red Cross, who will be accompanying it, and only after it passes border and customs control,” he wrote.
Makarenko said that Ukrainian customs officers were expecting official representatives of the Red Cross on August 18 for conducting relevant customs procedures.

18.08.2014 11:18

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