Putin’s ‘convoy’ heading God knows where

A convoy with a “humanitarian aid” from Russia, which was heading to the east of Ukraine, but stopped at Malshevo airbase near Voronezh, again started to move, according to the BBC Ukrainian.
“BBC’s reporter watched a long chain of white truck moving outside the airbase. Yet it is unclear where the column is heading to,” the report reads.
On Wednesday evening, the trucks did not reach a checkpoint in Kharkiv region, where the Ukrainian guards had to inspect 270 KamAZ trucks, and turned east. For some time it was not known exactly where the convoy was. Later journalists found it near Voronezh.
The Ukrainian government has agreed to accept the goods only on condition that it will be accompanied on the territory of Ukraine by Red Cross representatives. The ICRC states that it does not control the cargo and cannot say both where the trucks are moving, and what they are carrying, because there is no ICRC representative in the convoy.
Kyiv says it does not believe in the declared objective of the mission and admits a direct military invasion of Russia under the guise of the humanitarian aid.

14.08.2014 09:38

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