Putin urges his troops to let Ukrainian servicemen leave encircled area

Russian President Vladimir Putin has addressed the “militia forces” with the request to let Ukrainian troops safely leave an encircled area.
The text of the address was posted on the official website of the Russian president early on Friday.
“As a result of the actions of the militia forces a great number of Ukrainian troops participating in a military operation, against their will, fulfilling an order, have been encircled. I call on the militia groups to open a humanitarian corridor for Ukrainian service members who have been surrounded, so as to avoid pointless victims, to allow them leave the fighting area without impediment, join their families, to return them to their mothers, wives and children, and to provide urgent medical aid to those wounded as a result of the military operation,” reads the statement.
According to Putin, “the militia has achieved considerable success in stopping Kyiv’s forceful operation, which poses a deadly threat to the population of Donbas.”
He also mentioned the already traditional “humanitarian aid.”
“The Russian side is ready to provide humanitarian assistance to the people of Donbas suffering from a humanitarian catastrophe,” reads the statement.
Putin also urged the Ukrainian side to immediately lay down arms and negotiate with terrorists.
“I again urge the Ukrainian authorities to immediately stop the fighting, cease fire, sit at the negotiating table with representatives of Donbas, and solve all the problems that have accumulated only by peaceful means,” he said.

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