Putin on calls to reconsider results of World War II

Putin says calls for reconsidering the results of World War II should relate not only to Kaliningrad, but also the eastern lands of Germany, the city of Lviv, a former part of Poland.

”All jokes aside. If someone is willing to reconsider the results of World War II, let us discuss this. But then we will have to discuss not only Kaliningrad, but also the eastern lands of Germany, the city of Lviv, a former part of Poland, and so on, and so forth. There are also Hungary and Romania on the list. If someone wants to open this Pandora`s box and deal with it, all right, go for it then,” Vladimir Putin said in an interview to Bloomberg, published on the website of the Russian president.

Commenting on the handover of Tarabarov island to China in 2004, Putin stated that the territory was disputed.

”We handed over nothing, those territories were disputed and we have been negotiating this issue with the People`s Republic of China, let me stress that, for 40 years, and finally managed to come to an agreement. One part of the territory was assigned to Russia, while another part – to the People`s Republic of China,” the Russian president said.

He stressed that this was possible only thanks to a very high level of trust, which had developed to that time between Russia and China.

According to Putin, if the parties achieve the same high level of trust with Japan, compromises are also possible.

”However, there is a fundamental difference between the issue related to Japan`s history and our negotiations with China. What is it all about? The Japanese issue resulted from World War II and is stipulated in the international instruments on the outcomes of World War II, while our discussions on border issues with our Chinese counterparts have nothing to do with World War II or any other military conflicts. This is the first, or rather, I should say, the second point,” Putin said. 

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