Protesters require “taming” of oligarchs

Around a thousand protesters gathered on the square in front of the parliament from the side of the Mariinsky Park.
Representatives of the Volia party, trade unionists and currency investors affected by an increase in the dollar want to present their claims to people’s deputies, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.
In particular, members of the Volia party require the MPs to vote for the package “anti-oligarchic” laws, which, in their opinion, will add additional UAH 100 billion to the state budget. These are the bills No. 1492 on the abolition of tax exemptions, No.1493 to increase the rates for subsoil use, No. 1491 on payment of dividends and the quorum of the general meeting of joint stock companies and No. 1127 regarding clarification of certain provisions that regulate the procedure of procurement.
Party members brought to the Verkhovna Rada the stuffed oligarch with a loaf, wrapped in foil, put on his knees.
Members of credit and financial Maidans require the deputies to transfer payments for different loans in the hryvnia, to cancel all penalties for all loans in the local and foreign currency and to protect the rights of ATO members and their families.
Members of trade unions require protection of the rights of Chornobyl cleanup veterans, fair wages and pensions.

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