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Pro-Putin bikers are already in Europe

Pro-Putin bikers from the ”Night Wolves” gang entered the European Union, according to their leader Andrey Bobrovski who reported ”they are in Slovakia heading for the Czech city of Brno.” There they are supposed to meet with their counterparts who managed to drive along the Polish route, according to Ukraine Today.
Bobrovski says currently there are approximately 20 people in the gang, but their number may increase up to several hundreds on their way to Berlin. The bikers` leader is reluctant to explain how his colleagues (who were previously banned entry) managed to enter Poland, Ukraine Today reports.
A group of bikers known as ”Russian motorcyclists” who had plans to follow a path commemorating the Red Army`s victory over the Nazi Germany 71 years ago is a part of the Night Wolves, a nationalistic Russian biker gang loyal to President Vladimir Putin.
On April 29, Polish authorities refused entry to a group of Night Wolves bikers. Poland`s Ambassador to Russia Katarzyna Pelczynska-Nalecz was later summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry over the move. Although there was no official information about the reason of the summons, Polish media reported Moscow being angered by Warsaw`s intention to remove one more Soviet monument and ban entry for its bikers.


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