Pretrial restraint to be imposed on another 18 soldiers accused of desertion in Zaporizhzhia

The Zhovtnevy District Court of Zaporizhzhia will impose a pretrial restraint on 18 servicemen of the 51st Mechanized Brigade, who were in Russian captivity and accused of desertion.
Earlier, the court dismissed under personal obligation 23 soldiers of this Brigade, they are now in the territory of the military unit A1978.
According to the soldiers, they were in a mousetrap for a few weeks under the constant fire of the Grad from the Russian side. All their equipment was destroyed. Militants have taken them to the territory of the Russian Federation, where the soldiers were offered to take the refugee status, but they flatly refused. Then they were intimidated with violence in Ukraine, but the men said they wanted to return home.
To remind, July 29, soldiers of the 51st Mechanized Brigade, who had been prisoners in the Russian territory were taken to Zaporizhzhia military unit A1978 to which they are assigned.
They were charged with desertion – Part 3, Article 409 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, which provides for up to ten years in prison.
04.08.2014 12:43

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