Presidents of France and US promised more air defense systems to Ukraine and help with energy

France and the USA will continue to support Ukraine in the war with Russia as long as necessary. This is stated in the joint statement of the Presidents of the United States, Joe Biden, and Emmanuel Macron of France, published after the meeting of the two leaders on December 1, 2022.

Source: Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron

“They reaffirm their nations’ continued support for Ukraine’s defense of its sovereignty and territorial integrity, including the provision of political, security, humanitarian, and economic assistance to Ukraine for as long as it takes. This includes the provision of significant resources to support Ukrainian civilian resilience through the winter, including stepping up the delivery of air defense systems and equipment needed to repair Ukraine’s energy grid,” noted Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron.

France and the US intend to provide strong direct budget support to Ukraine and urge international financial institutions to increase their financial support.

In addition, Paris and Washington promised “to hold Russia to account for widely documented atrocities and war crimes, committed both by its regular armed forces and by its proxies, including mercenary entities such as Vagner and others.”

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