Presidential press secretary on humanitarian aid to Luhansk

Press Secretary of the President of Ukraine Sviatoslav Tseholkо made comments on organizing humanitarian aid for Ukrainian Luhansk.
On Friday, Ukraine faced the threat of direct armed incursions into its territory. Under the guise of a purported peacekeeping mission, our border would have been crossed instead by armed mercenaries.
No civilized country refuses real humanitarian aid. Today, as a result of the terrorists’ actions, Luhansk has been without electricity, water, and medicine.
During that time, Ukraine has been looking for opportunities and ways to help send this to the Ukrainian city. But terrorist control has prevented this from happening.
So, how do we direct assistance to Luhansk?
The International Committee of the Red Cross has offered to guarantee the delivery of the international humanitarian mission to Luhansk. This organization has agreed with our partners, among them Russia, on international humanitarian assistance to Luhansk, including Russian humanitarian relief.
Yesterday, Ukraine agreed to accept the Russian part of the humanitarian aid if it is transferred to Red Cross trucks and accompanied only by the Red Cross.
But Russia has rejected the proposal.
So, today we have three scenarios:
First. Direct invasion of the territory of Ukraine under the pretext of humanitarian cargo.
Second. Provocations with the load in Kharkiv region with a high probability of aggression by Russia.
Third. Help Luhansk by passing through the checkpoint closest to this Ukrainian city. Our customs officers, border guards and the OSCE can scan the goods on the Russian-Ukrainian border. The mission will move to a territory that is under the control of the militants. After arrival in Luhansk, the Red Cross will distribute the aid among the civilians.
The decision to accept the assistance for Luhansk and thus prevent a large-scale invasion by Russia was adopted at a joint meeting on the night of 12th to 13th August with the participation of the President, Prime Minister, Speaker of the Parliament and ministers concerned with armed forces and internal troops.
Today, the Ukrainian part of the international humanitarian aid is being sent to Luhansk.
Ukraine cannot leave its citizens, who are held hostage to the terrorists in the occupied territories.

Glory to Ukraine!

13.08.2014 19:42

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