Poroshenko: We demand peace from Russia and ask the world to help us

Ukraine demands peace from Russia and asks the world to help.
“We demand peace from Russia and ask the world to help us,” the President said in the interview to the American TV channel CNBC in Davos, the President’s press office informs.
He has also informed that the meeting of foreign ministers in the Normandy format is to begin soon in Berlin.
Poroshenko has underlined the necessity of the Ukrainian-Russian border closure and immediate withdrawal of Russian troops from the Ukrainian territory.
“The next step should be the political dialogue, for there is the only possible way in a democratic country to achieve stabilization – free, fair and legal local elections under the Ukrainian legislation,” the President notes.
The Head of State emphasizes that it is important for the whole world to demonstrate unity and solidarity with Ukraine. “It is the war not only for the Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity, but also for freedom and democracy on the entire European continent. Today, it is the issue of global security,” he notes.
Speaking of the recovery of the Ukrainian economy with the war in the East as a backdrop, Petro Poroshenko has emphasized: “We are completely sure that we will achieve progress in the economic reforms, create an absolutely new investment climate, establish an independent court and demonstrate significant progress in the struggle against corruption. Ukraine is a unique country for investments, I am sure of that. The only obstacle for our success is war and that is why we have to stop it”.
The President has also underlined the importance of intensifying cooperation with the IMF and other partners, which would facilitate the implementation of reforms in Ukraine.

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