Poroshenko urges MPs to work despite breakup of coalition

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has called on MPs, despite the breakup of the parliamentary coalition, to continue their work to resolve important issues, the press service of the head of state has reported.
“I am confident that the withdrawal of deputies from the coalition should not paralyze the parliament’s work. The Verkhovna Rada is obliged to continue resolving issues of national importance: the law on amendments to the state budget, the adoption of which is needed to finance our army that heroically defends our state now, as well as the documents influencing our cooperation with international financial institutions,” Poroshenko said.
He also said that the withdrawal of two factions from the coalition was a sign of MPs’ commitment to their voters: “All opinion polls, as well as a direct interaction with people, show that the public wants a full reboot of power.”

24.07.2014 15:42

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