Poroshenko promises e-governance by end of year

President Petro Poroshenko promises that by the end of August his Administration will fully move to a system of electronic governance, and by the end of the year – all other government agencies.
He said this at the inaugural meeting of the National Reform Council on Thursday in Kyiv.
“We should finally launch projects on the introduction of e-governance, the creation of information resources for citizens, ensuring openness of public registers, providing administrative services through a “single window” digitally … We have been talking 15 years about electronic governance, I assure you that by the end of August the Presidential Administration will move to the electronic document management system within the Presidential Administration. Until the end of the year it will cover all regional state administrations, I am sure that all the authorities,” he said.
Poroshenko added that the transition to the system of electronic governance is now one of the priorities of the power.

07.08.2014 19:14

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