Poroshenko meets Ukrainian military released from captivity

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko met tonight at the Vasylkiv military airfield the air force aircraft with 145 Ukrainian soldiers, who were released from captivity of terrorists.
The presidential press service reported.
The President congratulated the released soldiers on the Ukrainian soil, and expressed his respect for them and their heroism.
“My heart, as the President, as an ordinary citizen, is filled with joy, because you, as I promised, will be able to meet the New Year with your families and combat brothers. Your relatives were waiting for you, your close ones were waiting for you and your comrades. Finally the day came. Unfortunately, not all returned. Tomorrow another four of our fellow soldiers come. But we will search and find each and will leave no one. The state will fight for each of its faithful sons,” Poroshenko said.
Soldiers from different units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard battalions Peacemaker and Donbas and other volunteer battalions, as well as several volunteers, who assisted the military, were in captivity from several weeks to several months. Negotiations for the release of the Ukrainian military continued for a long time.
From the airfield, all the military were brought into the warm premises. Today, all the released soldiers will be able to meet with their relatives and friends.

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