Poroshenko confident Ukraine to get visa-free regime with EU as early as this year

Ukraine has fulfilled all the requirements of the Visa Liberalization Action Plan put forward by the European Union, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said at his big press conference in Kyiv Friday, June 3.
”After that, the European Commission decided to provide legislative proposals, having fully and unanimously supported granting a visa-free regime for Ukraine. Now it`s up to the Council of Europe to decide, the Justice and Home Affairs Council and the European Parliament,” said the Head of State.
”Today, the debate is ongoing over one provision only. It is about the EU developing a mechanism of suspending the visa waiver – it`s the European Commission, not the Council of Europe which  is developing it. We have nothing against it. We are convinced that Ukraine is able to fulfill all obligations it has taken,” Poroshenko said.
”The only discussion today regards the issue of when this visa-free regime will be introduced. We try to do everything possible to ensure that both the European Parliament and the Council of Europe consider this issue before the summer. Unfortunately, it could happen so that it will only be considered in September, but I remain optimistic [hoping that] in 2016, Ukraine will receive a visa-free regime. There are no negative signals,” Poroshenko said.

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