Poroshenko Bloc proposes creating coalition council

The Bloc of Petro Poroshenko offers a draft coalition agreement to other democratic forces that entered parliament.
The text of the agreement has been posted on the website of the bloc.
The document, which includes 48 pages, was proposed to other democratic forces for discussion.
The draft agreement specifies the obligations of coalition members regarding the activities of the coalition. It is proposed that the working bodies of the parliamentary majority will be the coalition assembly and the coalition council.
The coalition council consists of representatives of factions that form the coalition. This body is formed on a proportional basis, with each faction appointing one representative from 15 members of the faction. One of the faction representatives in the coalition council is the head of the faction. The coalition council is headed by coalition co-chairs who are the leaders of factions that form the coalition.
The meetings of the coalition council are held on the eve of a Verkhovna Rada session or more often if necessary.
The coalition assembly has the right to take decisions on any matter in the coalition activities, in particular, take decisions on other members’ joining the coalition and approve proposals for the candidacy of prime minister for submission to the Ukrainian president.
The coalition members should contribute to the prime minister and members of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, who will be appointed by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, in the implementation of the reforms set out in the coalition agreement.
The agreement also stipulates that if the parliament passes a law that increases the expenditure side of the budget, contrary to the position of the Cabinet of Ministers on this issue, the Cabinet of Ministers must resign, and the coalition must form a new government or decide on the dissolution of the coalition.
There is also a provision that the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine should prepare and approve by December 15, 2014 a country restoration plan for 2015-2017.

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