Pope Benedict urges Ukrainians to choose peace

Pope Benedict XVI urged the parties to the conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East to resolve all outstanding issues peacefully, Interfax-Ukraine reported.
“Stop! Please, I beg you with all of my heart. It’s time to stop,” he said, addressing the faithful at the Vatican. According to him, most of all he is concerned about the fate of children in the war zones.
“Most of all I thinks about the children who are deprived of hope for a decent life, for the future. I think about the children who are killed, who get injured, left without parents. Children lose the ability to smile,” Francis said. The Pope added that the authorities and ordinary citizens “should show wisdom and determination to make a choice in favor of peace.”
“You have to remember that you can lose everything in the war, but nothing can be lost during the peace,” the Pope concluded.

28.07.2014 11:39

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