Polish President considers Russia’s massacres as genocide of Ukrainians

The President of Poland considers the actions of Russia as genocide and believes that the West should issue an ultimatum to Putin.

Source: The President of Poland Andrzej Duda

“It is hard to deny this, of course. This is a crime which fulfills the features of genocide, especially if you look at the context of different conversations that are being conducted.”
Duda said that Russian propaganda about Moscow’s goal for the “denazification” of Ukraine showed that the country was looking for a false pretext “in order to carry out a massacre.”
“The fact that the civilian inhabitants of Ukraine are being killed shows best what the goal of the Russian invasion is. The goal of that invasion is simply to extinguish the Ukrainian nation.”
“Dialogue with Russia has no sense. One has to present very tough conditions to Vladimir Putin. One has to say, ‘Unless you meet these conditions, we don’t have anything to talk about.’ We are going to provide support to Ukraine decisively, we are going to increase sanctions regime because if you conduct a dialogue which does not achieve anything, it is only a game to buy time by Russia.”


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