Polish Foreign Ministry says Russia may abandon Nord Stream-2 project

Russia may abandon the construction of Nord Stream 2 in connection with the Brussels` decision regarding the German pipeline OPAL, which is a land extension of Nord Stream, said Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski, according to Radio Poland.

Until recently, Gazprom used OPAL only at half strength, constantly interceding on opportunities to work at full capacity. In late October, the European Commission gave its approval for the use of 80% of the bandwidth capabilities of the German gas pipeline, reads the report by Radio Poland.

This decision will lead to an increase in the supply of Russian gas to Europe, in spite of repeated statements of the EU about the intention to reduce dependence on natural gas supplies from Russia. Waszczykowski told journalists that in this regard, Russia may abandon the construction of Nord Stream 2.

”Construction of Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline may be unnecessary. Throughput of Nord Stream will be enhanced and gas will be supplied through OPAL pipeline to southern Europe. In this regard, the Russians may abandon the construction of the second stream, using existing pipeline opportunities of Nord Stream and OPAL,” Waszczykowski said.

Currently, Opal pipeline runs from northern Germany to the border with the Czech Republic, joining Nord Stream with the gas transmission system with the neighboring countries of Poland. It does not suit the Polish oil and gas company PGNiG. Its president, Piotr Wozniak said that he did not know the details of the Brussels decision, but if necessary, he is ready to challenge it within the European and German laws.

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