Poland sees no reason for easing of sanctions against Russia

Poland does not agree to the possible easing of EU sanctions against Russia in view of the current situation in Ukraine.
Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Rafal Trzaskowski said this in Warsaw on Wednesday, a Ukrinform correspondent reported
“The government adheres to the position that the discussion of a possible easing of the policy of sanctions against Russia is completely groundless at this stage. We have the support of most EU countries in this issue, especially in the light of the fact that these sanctions seem to be producing a reasonable result,” he said at a meeting of the Sejm commission on EU issues.
He said that it was possible to return to the talk of weakening sanctions after Moscow takes real steps to de-escalate the conflict in Ukraine.
“Now this kind of steps [by Russia] is not visible,” Trzaskowski said, adding that Moscow is trying to shift the responsibility for the conflict in Ukraine onto Kyiv.
“Russia does not show a real interest in de-escalating the situation in eastern Ukraine. Moreover, it is disrupting the process of implementation of the free trade agreement between the EU and Ukraine,” he said.
He said that Poland was also concerned that Russia follows a hard line in gas talks and complicates a compromise to ensure stable gas supplies to Europe.

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