Poland handed over more than 240 tanks and almost 100 units of armored vehicles to Ukraine

Poland has sent more than 240 tanks and nearly 100 armored vehicles to Ukraine to help fight the Russian invasion.

Source: Polish President Andrzej Duda

Ukraine needs heavy weapons and tanks. These are the needs of Ukraine. I spoke with President Zelensky two days ago. I was asked again for the help. We sent tanks, more than 240 tanks that Ukraine can service. We sent almost 100 units of armored vehicles and weapons. Weapons, ammunition, missiles. We sent a total of $ 2 billion in weapons, “Duda said.

According to him, Poland expected to receive a certain number of Leopard tanks from Germany to replenish its reserves, but this has not yet happened.

“It is clear that instead of the old Soviet tanks we delivered to Ukraine, we will get several Leopard tanks from Germany, not the most modern. Because there are older versions of Leopard tanks in Poland. Thanks to this help, we wanted to replenish our reserves. We could get older ones and modernize them in the future – also with the help of German industry. As far as I know, we did not get anything.”

He also called on all countries that can help Ukraine to provide weapons, such as artillery.

“These weapons are needed to stop the Russian invasion.”

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