Poland calls on the European Union to completely abandon Russian gas

The seventh package of EU sanctions against Russia should include restrictions on gas imports. It should also include the disconnection of all Russian banks from SWIFT.

Source: Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs Zbigniew Rau

He stressed that since the beginning of the war, Poland “has steadfastly supported Kyiv in all key areas, working to preserve Ukraine’s territorial integrity in accordance with the country’s national interests, but also in the interests of Europe, the transatlantic community.”

Rau mentioned the sixth package of sanctions against Russia, adopted by the EU last week.

“It was an important step towards ensuring Europe’s independence from Russia’s energy resources. However, this is not enough. We must start working on the seventh package of sanctions, which should include, a complete cessation of supplies of Russian gas and petrochemical products, as well as, disconnection of Belarusian banks from the SWIFT system,”- added the Polish Foreign Minister.

Rau also noted that Ukraine should be in the European Union.

“Therefore, we expect a positive recommendation from the European Commission on granting Ukraine candidate status. We hope that the next meeting of the European Council will take a positive decision in this regard.”

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