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PM Groysman to Moskal: No ultimatums, let`s do work together

Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman says he does not plan to meet the request by Zakarpattia Governor Hennadiy Moskal about his resignation request because of the situation in the Zakarpattia customs office.
”I won`t let anyone speak to me in the language of ultimatums. Hennadiy Hennadiyovych [Moskal], despite your request, I`m not going to table a motion for your resignation. There is a lot of work to be done, which we will do hopefully together. Let`s start a new tradition and appoint top officials in the customs service based on public competitions, with the participation of non-governmental organizations. And let this tradition start from the Zakarpattia customs office,” the prime minister wrote on his Facebook page on Friday in response to Moskal`s request posted on his official website.
”No matter what is being smuggled ? be it timber, tobacco, nuts, alcohol or anything else. What we should do is to stop any smuggler Let me reiterate once again ? we should not allow them to rob the country,” Groysman wrote.
He said he would ask the Security Service of Ukraine and the National Anti-Corruption Bureau to check all the facts mentioned in Moskal`s letter.
Groysman said he would go to Lviv region on Saturday, May 7, and visit a checkpoint at the border, where he will discuss problems at the Lviv customs service. He also invited Moskal and the heads of the Zakarpattia customs service to his office next week.


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