PM Groysman orders to create new unit to supervise customs officers

Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman says a new unit will be set up to supervise customs officers, according to an UNIAN correspondent.
”An interdepartmental unit will be created in the near future to supervise customs officers. It will consist of a hundred people who will be equipped with all necessary devices to demonstrate how to work efficiently,” he said on Saturday, May 7, 2016, addressing customs officials at the Lviv customs house`s Krakovets border crossing point, which he visited to hold a working meeting.
The meeting was also attended by Chairman of the State Border Service of Ukraine Viktor Nazarenko, Chairman of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine Roman Nasirov, as well as senior officials of the Lviv customs house, law enforcement officers of Lviv region, and Lviv Regional State Administration`s senior officials.
”You`ve got three months to put things right at the Ukrainian customs houses. You`ve got my support if there is the political will, if not – you may submit your resignation letters as soon as today, as you`ll be sacked,” he said.
Groysman emphasized that his visit to the Lviv customs house aimed to trigger changes in the customs service`s work.
”If we do our job in good faith, we will receive at least UAH 50 billion in additional budget receipts from the customs service,” the prime minister forecast.
Groysman also called ”grey” and shadow schemes used by customs officers as crime and looting.
Addressing the attendees of the meeting, the prime minister once again announced that they got three months to make the work of the customs service open and transparent.
He said he expected all senior officials and law enforcement officers would demonstrate a responsible attitude, adding that the Ukrainian president fully supports the initiative to bring the changes to the customs service`s work.

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