Pentagon will train National Guard soldiers to fight against terrorists

Pentagon took a decision next year to send its military instructors for training Ukrainian enforcers.
The TSN reported referring to the U.S. publication The Hill.
The U.S. Defense department intends to use USD 19 million in Global Security [Contingency] Fund authority, this is the fund shared by the Defense and State departments for security and counterterrorism training programs.
“According to the plan, which must be approved by Congress, soldiers stationed in Europe or California National Guard soldiers would train and equip four companies and one tactical headquarters of the Ukrainian National Guard,” a statement reads.
As Pentagon press secretary Rear Adm. John Kirby said, the effort would help “build their capacity for internal defense.” According to him, the training would take place inside Ukraine at an international peacekeeping and security center.
At the same time, Pentagon officials, however, say there are still no plans to send lethal weapons or share intelligence with the Ukrainian military. “There’s not going to be a U.S. military solution to the situation in Ukraine,” said Kirby.
02.08.2014 13:02

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