Pentagon: Russia supplies terrorists with military hardware

The Pentagon has confirmed that Russia continues to send military hardware to Ukraine and shell the Donbas from Russian territory.
U.S. Defense Department spokesman Army Col. Steven Warren told this to reporters on August 25, the Pentagon’s press service reported.
“We’ve seen columns of Russian heavy equipment flow from Russia into Ukraine for the last several weeks. I can confirm that there have been numerous columns of Russian heavy equipment including tanks, armored personnel carriers, rocket launchers, air defense equipment and other heavy weapons,” he said.
Warren noted the largest column seen entering Ukraine “about two weeks ago” consisted of over 100 pieces of rolling stock which included tanks.
He also said that Russia thus demonstrates its reluctance to de-escalate the conflict in Ukraine.
“Russians are deeply involved in this separatist movement in Ukraine and they are doing the exact opposite of what they claim they want which is to de-escalate the situation,” Warren said.
He said that the Pentagon had also recorded cases of rocket attacks on Ukraine from Russia.
“We’ve already reported that Russian artillery and rockets have fired from Russia into Ukraine in a clear violation of Ukraine sovereignty and a clear escalation of tensions there,” he said.

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