Paratroopers, blocked in bunker of Luhansk airport, break through – Snehiriov

A hundred of paratroopers, who remained to cover the retreat of main forces of the air mobile brigade from the airport Luhansk, managed to make a breakthrough on Wednesday night and came back.
Head of the Right Cause non-governmental organization Dmytro Snehiriov told Ukrinform.
“After receiving an order to retreat from the Luhansk airport, about a hundred of our paratroopers barricaded at one of the airport bunkers. An enhanced tank company of the Russian Armed Forces tried to “smoke” them out from there, but in vain. And tonight, the paratroopers managed to fight their way through the blockade and withdraw to the location of our troops,” Snehiriov said.
Recall, Ukrainian security forces have detained airport Luhansk since April, despite massed fire and attacks of superior forces of Russian mercenaries.
However, September 1, Ukrainian security forces during shelling were forced to retreat from the airport Luhansk. At the same time, they destroyed seven armored vehicles, two tanks, a mortar detachment and about 100 terrorists.

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