Parasiuk says why deputies press on budget

People’s deputy Volodymyr Parasiuk said that some parliamentarians were in a hurry with approval of the budget because they could not abolish their charters for celebrating the New Year.
He wrote this on Facebook.

“Today, we were sitting in the Verkhovna Rada “to the finish,” because some deputies could not abolish their charters for celebration of the New Year and this is true. Who do not believe, go to Boryspil in the morning and you will become convinced that this is true. But the matter does not even concern this… Today, your elected representatives voted for a clean sheet of paper on which it is possible to write the corruption schemes and allocate the funds to those, who will share through kickbacks,” he said.

Parasiuk stressed that deputies approved the budget based only on a speech of Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk.

“The budget was rewritten and taken just “on a knee” – no comparative tables, no handouts. All that the deputies got is a brief statement of Mr. Prime Minister, in which he simply read out amendments: some read, some forgotten. All that was left to us – to perceive by the ear the main law under which the country will live the whole year,” Parasiuk wrote.

According to the people’s deputy, 2015 will be the year of survival, “although it could be the year of development.”

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