PACE delegates demand resignation of PACE President over his trip to Syria with Russian delegation

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) demands the resignation of Pedro Agramunt from the post of PACE President.

Italian representative Michele Nicoletti made a relevant statement at the PACE session in Strasbourg on Monday.

After that, a number of deputies rose from their seats and supported the statement with applause.

Addressing Agramunt, Nicoletti said that the president should show political responsibility and resign in order to demonstrate that a serious mistake brings serious consequences.The proposal was supported by other PACE deputies in their addresses.

Agramunt said that he took note of this position and he would inform after lunch whether the issue would be discussed at public hearings on Tuesday.He interrupted the plenary session for 10 minutes before responding positively to the question whether he was ready for a public discussion of his visit to Syria.

After a recess, it became known that PACE would hold a public discussion of Agramunt`s Syria visit tomorrow, April 25.

Earlier, a delegation of PACE deputies from the Czech Republic, Belgium, Serbia, and Italy and the State Duma of Russia led by PACE President of Pedro Agramunt visited Syria in March.

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