OSINT group identifies more Russians from a special forces battalion of the Russian 8th Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade in Donbas

Ukrainian OSINT community InformNapalm reports they have identified war criminals from a special forces battalion of the Russian 8th Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade (the 8th MMRB) who participated in the first wave of the Russian aggression in eastern Ukraine.

The new InformNapalm investigation is based on the earlier published picture of Russian servicemen from the 8th MMRB, which was later picked up by several media and bloggers.

After that, in February 2017, volunteer investigators were able to identify the place where the photo was taken – the vicinity of Sukhodilsk, Luhansk Oblast, Ukraine, and identified one of the 19 servicemen – Damir Salikhanov.

Now the group has identified another six invaders: two officers and four enlisted contract servicemen who in August – September 2014 fought in the Ukrainian Donbas as part of the so-called Special Forces Battalion of the 8th MMRB.

The newly-identified Russian soldiers are:

Roman Vogachev, Oct 22, 1989

Pavel Arafyev, Jun 13, 1987

Aleksandr Yurin, 1976

Yersain Shikshikeyev, Mar 30, 1992

Viktor Anshakov, Aug 18, 1993

Sergey Matyushenko, 1994

It is worth reminding that this is not the first time when Russian aggressors who fought in Donbas, are recognized on group photos. The same way scouts from the 18th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade (SMRB), artillerymen and scouts from the 7th Military Base, tankmen and scouts from the 17th SMRB, and tankmen from the 74th SMRB were identified.

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