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OSCE reported that Luhansk was shelled from north-west with Smerch rockets

On February 3 was published a special report of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) in which was stated that shelling of Luhansk residential areas on January 27 was conducted from the north-west. There were found metal fragments of bomblets cases, typical for cluster munition that were identified as parts consistent with 9M55K model “Smerch” rockets, calibre 300mm.

“The SMM measured the incoming azimuth for the three cargo remains of the “Smerch” rockets, indicating a general incoming north-north-west direction,” is written in the report.

In Luhansk by SMM was observed the house located at Dekabristiv Street 106. At the backyard of the house was found a crater diameter approximately 4m, depth approximately 3m. The specialists fom the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission said that it had been caused by the explosion of a “Smerch” rocket .



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