OSCE presence in Ukraine will be restored in the coming weeks

The presence of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in Ukraine will be restored soon.

Source: US Ambassador to the OSCE Michael Carpenter

“It is a very long story and a long response to the question as to how to resume the work of the OSCE in Ukraine for it to work on all issues that it worked on before, but without the possibility of Russia imposing a veto. The presence of the OSCE will be restored in the coming weeks, but probably not more than a month. There is a small presence in Kyiv now, but it will later be restored on a larger scale,” he said.

The office of the coordinator of OSCE projects in Ukraine will resume operation in Ukraine. It will be financed by donations from like-minded people, and therefore Russia will not be able to veto its work.

“We are talking about what used to be called the OSCE Project Coordinator in Ukraine. It is likely that in the future, it will also be called the OSCE Project Coordinator in Ukraine. But it will operate at the expense of contributions from like-minded people. Therefore, we will not demand money from the Russian Federation and it will no longer have the right to veto,” the ambassador explained.

Russia vetoed the work of the mission in Ukraine, in particular, the work of the border observation mission, the Special Monitoring Mission and the Office of the Project Coordinator.

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