Oettinger: Russia itself depends on gas sale to Europe

Moscow will comply with its obligations as gas supplier to Europe, because it needs daily revenues to the state budget.
European Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger told the German television channel ARD, Ukrinform’s Berlin correspondent reported.
“We take this [threat – ed.] seriously. But I think that the dependence is mutual, so they will comply with the daily gas contract,” he said.
Oettinger believes that the Russians are interested in supplying gas to Europe, because they need everyday revenues to their budget. According to him, Russia has invested billions of assets in gas pipelines and is therefore dependent on the sale of gas to Europe.
“The European gas industry pays on time, and the market is important for Russia,” he added.
Additionally, despite the further actions of the Russian Federation, the commissioner said, gas storages in the EU are now well filled to survive without imported gas “many days”.
According to Oettinger, the European Union’s decision to impose economic sanctions against Russia was an “important and necessary.” Now, he said, the Russian president must stop supporting the separatists in eastern Ukraine and stop the flow of weapons across the Ukrainian border.

31.07.2014 17:56

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