Odesa police probe latest explosion

The crime scene investigation team of Primorsky district police station in Odesa and explosives experts are probing the explosion circumstances at the office for coordinating anti-terrorist operation assistance center that went off at around 23.00 on Sunday, January 4.
It has been announced by Volodymyr Shabliyenko, the Head of Public Relations at the Interior Ministry Department in Odesa region, an UKRINFORM correspondent reported.
“According to the preliminary conclusions made by the law enforcement officers, another act of terrorism has been committed. Currently, the matter of opening criminal investigation is being considered under this qualifying event. The documents are likely to be submitted for investigation to the SBU office in Odesa region,” Shabliyenko said.
As previously reported, an explosive device had detonated near the entrance to the office for coordinating counter-terrorist operation assistance center in 3 Himnazychna Street. The explosion damaged blinds both at the office and the apartment located on the opposite side of the building, shattered windows and also caused damage to the van parked nearby. No casualties were reported.
According to forensics experts, the attackers in Himnazychna Street acted in the same manner as they did with the bombings of the Patriot store and headquarters of Volunteer Hundred named after Daliya Severyn.
Serhiy Sarafaniuk, a member of the coordinating center to assist military personnel in anti-terrorist operation, told Ukrinform that “the center would resume its operation despite the damages done by the explosion.”
As a reminder, the explosion in Himnazychna Street is the second in Odesa in 2015 (the first bomb attack was carried out at the Odesa-Peresyp railroad station during the night of January 3) and it comes as the sixth explosion since early December.

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