Obama: Putin’s policy harmful to Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s policy is harmful to the country in the long run, and Russia itself has always had a Janus-like quality.
U.S. President Barack Obama said this in an interview with the Economist.
“Russia I think has always had a Janus-like quality, both looking east and west, and I think President [Vladimir] Putin represents a deep strain in Russia that is probably harmful to Russia over the long term, but in the short term can be politically popular at home and very troublesome abroad,” he said.
Obama said that Russia should keep perspective, as it “doesn’t make anything.” The U.S. president recalled the low life expectancy of Russians, shrinking population, and the lack of opportunities for immigrants in Moscow.
In addition, Obama said that it was important for the international community to avoid the escalation of the situation with nuclear weapons.

04.08.2014 15:51

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