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Obama calls Ukraine elections successful

U.S. President Barack Obama has congratulated the people of Ukraine on holding successful parliamentary elections and called on Russia to ensure that its proxies in eastern Ukraine do not block democratic processes.
He said this in a statement posted on the White House website on Monday, Ukrinform’s correspondent reported.
“On behalf of the American people, I congratulate the people of Ukraine on holding successful parliamentary elections on October 26. Despite a challenging security environment in certain regions, millions of Ukrainians turned out across the country to cast their ballots in an orderly and peaceful manner,” Obama said.
The U.S. leader appreciated the election campaign and polling day organized by the Ukrainian authorities.
“Yesterday’s parliamentary vote represents another important milestone in Ukraine’s democratic development. We look forward to the convening of the new parliament and the quick formation of a strong, inclusive government,” he said.
He noted that the United States stands ready to support the choices of the Ukrainian people and Ukraine’s new government as it “enacts and implements the reforms necessary to promote further democratic development, strengthen the rule of law, and foster economic stability and growth in Ukraine.”
The United States, Obama said, also will continue to support Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity as it works toward a peaceful resolution of the conflict in the east and a return of Crimea, and “will stand with its people as they seek to build a more secure, prosperous, and democratic future.”
Obama said it was clear that “Russian authorities occupying Crimea and Russian-backed separatists in parts of eastern Ukraine prevented many Ukrainian citizens from exercising their democratic rights to participate in national elections and cast their votes.”
In this regard, he called on Russia to ensure that its proxies in eastern Ukraine “allow voters in the parts of Donetsk and Luhansk subject to the special status law to choose their representatives in legitimate local elections on December 7, in keeping with the agreement that Russia and separatist representatives signed in Minsk, Belarus, on September 5, 2014.”
Obama said that Washington would not recognize any election held in separatist-held areas that does not comport with Ukrainian law and is not held with the express consent and under the authority of the Ukrainian government.

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