NSDC still does not know where Putin’s “convoy” is heading

The National Security and Defense Council still has no information about the route of the Russian column of supposedly humanitarian aid.
Spokesman of the Information-Analytical Center of the National Security and Defense Council Andriy Lysenko says, a Ukrinform correspondent reports.
“Indeed, there is information that the convoy does not reach the limits of Ukraine in Kharkiv region, but it is not known where it will go further,” Lysenko said.
According to him, there were previous agreements that the column would come to one of the border points in Kharkiv region, where in the transit area it had to be examined by the Red Cross.
“It was preliminary information. Currently, there is evidence that the column does not go there. Where it is in fact, we still do not know,” the Spokesman said.
13.08.2014 18:28

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